What to Expect

Your eye doctor will perform a number of tests to help them get an overall picture of your eye health. Below are some of the common tests your doctor may perform, although it may vary depending on your age and specific eye conditions.

Visual Acuity Tests

The doctor will use an eye chart to test the clarity of your vision. One chart is at a distance and another is a small, handheld version to test your near vision.


Refraction helps your eye doctor determine the correct prescription for your glasses or contacts. You will look through the lenses of a phoropter at an eye chart. The eye doctor will switch between several lenses, asking you which looks clearer.

Slit Lamp Exam

A slit lamp exam allows your doctor to closely examine your eyes to check for any signs of problems like glaucoma or macular degeneration.

Glaucoma Test

To test for glaucoma, your eye doctor will measure the pressure in your eyes using a machine called a tonometer. The machine will blow a puff of air into your eye to measure the pressure. The test is not painful.


Your eye doctor may also dilate your pupils in order to more closely examine the inside of your eye. Special eye drops are used to dilate the eyes. Before you go to your appointment, ask if your eyes are going to be dilated so you can bring a pair of sunglasses. Pupil dilation can last several hours after the exam and increase sensitivity to light until the pupils return to normal size.

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